New Website Coming

Soon I will have a new and improved website design.
It was long overdue for a face-lift.

Stay tuned.


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Speculative City, Issue Four

A little late, but my story  “CHILDREN OF ITZAMNÁ ”  is now in Issue Four of Speculative City magazine. You can read the issue at the site, but why not go to Amazon and show some love by purchasing a copy? The issue is not expensive.


And go to:

Wheel of fortune. Major Arcana tarot card. The Magic Gate deck. Fantasy graphic illustration with occult magic symbols, gothic and esoteric concept



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Updates and New Work

Been a while since I posted. A lot has happened since last year’s issues. Parents get older and so do we, and one hopes to find dignity in the process; one that does not involve care homes and other such things. But what we want and what we get can often be two different things, right?

On a lighter note, I have a story coming out in Speculative City Literary magazine. It’s called Children of Itzamna, and will appear in the June issue of that publication. I have another story coming out in a forthcoming anthology but I don’t think I should mention it yet until the editor is satisfied with edits.

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Long Dark Journey Into Night

Time is fleeting. Once again, I find myself realising it is May, 2018 when just the other day I swear it was January. A lot has happened. I have frail and ill parents who require a lot of attention, though I am not close enough to provide that. I made a journey to see them and was jolted into reality by how frail and elderly they looked since the last time I had seen them (3 years ago). Time is not only fleeting, but a disease of bone and flesh. Difficult decisions were made about care and the old house—met with resistance, of course—and it left me realising that these long, dark days and nights are waiting for all of us. I have been back two weeks, and I am not sure I have fully recovered.

On a lighter note, I have submitted a novella to a publisher, submitted two short stories to magazines; I am also working on a short story for an anthology editor, and a new short novel. (5000 words in so far…).

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Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, Available Dec 1st.

My contributor copy of Starship Sofa’s anthology just came in the post. It looks great and has some fabulous writers in it, including Samuel R Delany, Ken Liu, Fabio Fernandes, Margret Helgadottir and more. Author interviews inside, as well.

A worthy book if you are looking for some great international writers.  Then pre-order your copy now.

In the UK:  LINK.


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Further Reading, by starlight


If you get a chance, I recommend reading Rosewater, by Tade Thompson. Just do it. It is the most unique alien invasion story you will come across. Now nominated for the Campbell Award.


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Contract Signed

The kickstarter was sucessful. Excited to have signed the contract for  Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, a new anthology from District of Wonders and edited by Tony C Smith.  A reprint of one of my stories will appear here in October 2017. The anthology includes Lavie Tidhar, Ken Lui, Fabio Fernandes and Samuel R Delany.

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