World SF Site and New Story, Plus Poem

I am very happy to announce that a story of mine, “A Change of Season,”  will appear on Lavie Tidhar’s fantastic WORLD SF site in the coming months.

If you aren’t aware, Lavie started the site to help bring attention to the speculative fiction works from writers around the world, such as Aliette de Bodard, Anil Menon, Zoran Zivkovic and others. It’s a great place for literary  news– and now new fiction– from around the speculative globe.

Additionally, I have had a poem accepted to Scifaikuest magazine. It will appear in the February 2011 print issue (there is a print and online issue, but each one has different content. I’m happy I’m in the printed edition). Scifaikuest is an  excellent magazine of speculative poetry. Check it out.

So that’s two acceptances within 48 hours. Not a bad week, I’d say.


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