Fiction appears in the following Anthologies:

Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, edited by Tony C Smith, published by Starship Sofa, Dec, 2017.

Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, edited by Bill Campbell and Nisi Shawl, published by Rosarium Publishing, 2015.

Submitted For Your Approval, edited by Anne Serling, published by Rod Serling Books, 2014.

Anthology of European SF, edited by Cristian Tamas and Roberto Mendes, published by Europa SF and ISF, 2013.

The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack, published by Wildside Press, April 2012.

Rocket Science, edited by Ian Sales, published by Mutation Press, 2012.

The West Pier Gazette and Other Stories, edited by Paul Brazier, published by Three Legged Fox Books, 2008.

Cuckoo, edited by Chris Butler, published by Anthology Builder, 2008.

As Editor:

+  “The Immersion Book of SF”, an anthology  from Immersion Press. The book features new fiction from Tanith Lee, as well as Lavie Tidhar, Aliette de Bodard, Gareth Owens, Chris Butler, Gord Sellar and more.

The title is available from Amazon and other online retailers, your local bookstore, or direct from the site.

+  “The Immersion Book of Steampunk”, co-edited with Gareth D. Jones.  An anthology from Immersion Press, this book contains fiction from Paul Di Filippo, Tanith Lee, Aliette de Bodard, Chris Butler, Elizabeth Counihan, Lavie Tidhar, Gareth Owens and others.

This title is available from Amazon and other online retailers, your local book store, or direct from the site.


Song for the Asking“,  narrated by Roberto Suarez. Starship Sofa podcast number 468, January 10th, 2017.