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Contract Signed

The kickstarter was sucessful. Excited to have signed the contract for  Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, a new anthology from District of Wonders and edited by Tony C Smith.  A reprint of one of my stories will appear here in October 2017. The anthology includes Lavie Tidhar, Ken Lui, Fabio Fernandes and Samuel R Delany.


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Old Year, New Year

It’s been a while since I posted. It’s been a great year in terms of reviews and meeting and getting to know some really great people, such as Bill Campbell, Geoff Ryman, Tade Thompson, Nick Wood, Zen Cho, Nisi Shawl, and many others. I also now co-edit Shattered Prism magazine with Amir Naaman. Great stories by Lavie Tidhar and others. Read it. Support it. Share it.

Also had the pleasure of being in two great anthologies: Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, and The World and the Stars, edited by Chris Butler and published by Deborah Jay.

I will face the new year with determination to complete more short fiction, and finish a novella (under the watchful gaze of the awesome Nisi).

See you again soon.

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Story in Jupiter Magazine

February sees the publication of my story “A Woman of Light and Steel” in Jupiter magazine.

Jupiter, edited by Ian Redman, has grown steadily as a publication, earning strong reviews from SF Revue and other places. Jupiter has published Lavie Tidhar, Eric Brown, John Davies, Jon Wallace, Patrick Mohan and many more. It’s a good little magazine, and I recommend a subscription.

To read a review of previous issues go to SF Revue.

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FantasyCon, Steampunk, and Kung Fu

Sorry for any delays in posting. After a death in the family, I am refocusing and getting back on track.

Getting ready for Fantasycon. The steampunk book is ready, with one more change in the line-up–added in Aliette de Bodard and “Kung Fu Jesus Man” Lavie Tidhar for what is a really cool anthology. See the awesome cover by Charles Harbour at the Immersion press website.

I shall have a table in the dealer’s room, so come by and say hi and buy a book or two, or three, or four…. (All books will be reduced in price.)

I will have on hand for purchase Lavie Tidhar’s excellent Jesus and the Eightfold Path for sale. It is a beautiful limited-edition hardcover novella. Check out the great cover art from Melissa Gay at the website.

You can also pick up Fun With Rainbows by Gareth Owens, The Immersion Book of SF, edited by me, and The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D Jones and myself.

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New Work Available–World SF Site and Scifaikuest

Just a quick note to say that two new pieces of mine are available.

Author and editor Lavie Tidhar has just published my story, A Change of Season on the World SF site. You can read it here.

Additionally, Samsdot‘s poetry magazine have published my haiku in the February 2011 issue of their excellent Scifaikuest magazine. They have two versions of the magazine, one online and the other a print magazine. You can find my poem in the print magazine only (both versions of the magazine differ in content.)

You can order the magazine from their site.

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All Things Upcoming

Having had a great few months, book-wise, I turn my attention to the latest Immersion Press title, The Immersion Book of Steampunk. I am really happy that my friend Gareth Owens contributed a tale. His new story really adds some mean coolness to this anthology. And with Paul di Filippo rounding off the book, you can’t go wrong. Unless you don’t like steampunk…

Charlie Harbour once again demonstrates why he has been nominated for a BFSA Award for artwork, as his cover for the steampunk book is by far his best yet! I can’t wait to show it to you.

As a recent convert to the genre of steampunk, I must say there are some really cool stories out there. Give it a try, if you haven’t already.

Being a Lavie Tidhar fan makes this next announcement all the more fantastic. Immersion Press will be releasing a hardcover, limited-edition of his novella Jesus and the Eightfold Path, which I hear is coming along smoothly. I’ve seen the cover art and it kicks ass!

While I have had to bow out of EasterCon, I will hopefully see some of you at FantasyCon in Brighton.

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Immersion Book of SF Review in Interzone

It’s a great feeling to get a good review in Britain’s longest-running and most influential science fiction magazine, Interzone.  In issue 232, Duncan Lunan gives The Immersion Book of SF a thumbs up–and Iam glad.  As editor for the book, it feels great to see my choices for stories supported by such a review.

Get yourself a copy of the magazine, or go to TTA PRESS here and purchase a subscription. If you like Sci-Fi, it’s almost criminal not to own a subscription to Interzone.

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