A list of short stories thus far:

+  “Song for the Asking” published in the anthology Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany, edited by Bill Campbell and Nisi Shawl, and published by Rosarium Publishing, July 2015.  Podcast by STARSHIP SOFA on January 10th, 2017. Podcast number 468.

+   “A Woman of Light and Steel”, earned a place on the Highly Recommended list for the Nova Short Story Competition, 2013, hosted by SFFSA. Story printed in Jupiter magazine, January 2014.

+   “Repeat Performances” published in the Anthology of European SF, edited by Cristian Tamaş and Roberto Mendes, by International Speculative Fiction and Europa SF, April 2013. Republished in Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine Fantastica, February 2014.

+  “Slipping Sideways” published in Rocket Science, edited by Ian Sales and published by Mutation Press, April 2012. Republished in the anthology Submitted for Your Approval, edited by Anne Serling for Rod Serling Books, April 2015. Reprinted in Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, edited by Tony C Smith, published by Starship Sofa, December 2017.

+  “A Change of Season” first published in the World SF site, March 8th, 2011. Edited by Lavie Tidhar.

+  “Wild Seed” first published in the anthology The West Pier Gazette and Other Stories, edited by Paul Brazier , Three Legged Fox Books, 2008.  Reprinted in the “megapack” ebook series from Wildside Press , April 30, 2012.

+  “Replay” first published in Neon Literary Journal, issue 13, 2007. Reprinted in Estronomicon, September 2007. Reprinted in Atomjack, 2008.

+  “Mother Tongue”  first printed in Jupiter magazine, issue 17, July 2007. Performed by award-winning podcast group, Variant Frequencies, July 2007.

+  “Boxboy”  first published in Forgotten Worlds, issue 3, 2006. Reprinted in Jupiter magazine, issue 22, October 2008.


A Haiku poem (untitled), first published in Scifaikuest, February 2011. Edited by Teri Santitoro, published by Samsdot.


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