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Immersion Book of SF Review in Interzone

It’s a great feeling to get a good review in Britain’s longest-running and most influential science fiction magazine, Interzone.  In issue 232, Duncan Lunan gives The Immersion Book of SF a thumbs up–and Iam glad.  As editor for the book, it feels great to see my choices for stories supported by such a review.

Get yourself a copy of the magazine, or go to TTA PRESS here and purchase a subscription. If you like Sci-Fi, it’s almost criminal not to own a subscription to Interzone.


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Interview at SF Signal

The incredible Charles Tan conducts an interview with me over at the reknowned SF Signal website. We talk all things SF, including The Immersion Book of SF, fiction, Immersion Press, and, well, you go read the rest.

SF Signal is a great place for news and reviews of all things going on in the world of speculative fiction.  I am very stoked to be on the site, as it is one of the best places to go for SF, and there is something there for everyone. You could, literally, spend a whole day going through all the great information there.

So go on! Get going!

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Some Steaming Punk?

The good news is that Gareth D Jones (not to be confused with Gareth Owens) will be editing The Immersion Book of Steampunk. I met Gareth at Eastercon and he is a great guy and a good author to boot. He will do an exceptional job in the role. The book is scheduled to be released tentatively by late 2011.

The Immersion Book of SF is in final tweaking. I can’t wait to get this beast off my back and into your loving hands. Then I will move on to The Immersion Book of SF Vol 2, also for a late 2011 release.

In the meantime, roll on the summer!

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