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Fantastic Review of The World and the Stars

Prominent genre review site SF Crowsnest has published a glorious review of the anthology The World and the Stars. The review praises the editor, Chris Butler (who did a smashing job, by the way), and calls out some highlights of the book.

The reviewer calls my story, “The Madness of Pursuit, the Desire of Lonely Hearts“, as a “fabulous adventure”. He goes on to say that “Creating a situation where…technology still allows for an old-fashioned maritime adventure is quite a skill and this story pulls it off nicely.”  Well, thank you, Mr Jones!   I have the Montpelier Writers Group to thank for helping me shape this into a better story.

A lot of great stories are in this book. Buy it now! Ask for at your local bookstore or get it at Amazon. There is something in it for everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

The World and the Stars

The World and the Stars


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New Reviews — Anthology of European SF

My story “Repeat Performance” gets two smashing reviews!  First up is The Page of Reviews, where Adam Shaftoe singles out my story in the Honour Roll section as one of the best in the collection.

He states : “It is a rare and wonderful thing to see a story which is so much bigger than the few thousand words it comprises…. I think I would gladly read a novel set within this world.”

Go to the full review here: THE PAGE OF REVIEWS.

My second good review comes from GD Jones at SF Crowsnest. He states the following: “Repeat Performance’ by Carmelo Rafala is a gritty story of rescue and revenge…. I was drawn into this intense story and enjoyed it through every revelation and each progressive scene.”

Go to the full review here: SF Crowsnest.

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Interview at SF Crowsnest

Gareth D Jones of SF Crowsnest interviewed me about my role with Immersion Press. I had the pleasure of meeting Gareth at Eastercon. I have also shared the pages of Jupiter magazine with him; he’s a good storyteller. You can read the interview here: sfcrowsnest.

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