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Everyone: Worlds Without Walls, Available Dec 1st.

My contributor copy of Starship Sofa’s anthology just came in the post. It looks great and has some fabulous writers in it, including Samuel R Delany, Ken Liu, Fabio Fernandes, Margret Helgadottir and more. Author interviews inside, as well.

A worthy book if you are looking for some great international writers.  Then pre-order your copy now.

In the UK:  LINK.



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Starship Sofa and New Work

I love Starship Sofa. A great podcasting group. Now I have the honour of being amongst the luminaries. My story “Song for the Asking”, first published in Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, is now up as a podcast. Sit back and listen.



I have finished a novella and I am submitting it about. I also have a flash piece out there, hoping to find a home.

I am currently working on a short fantasy piece. But it really feels like pulling teeth. Don’t know why. I also have the bones of a new novella, just waiting for flesh.

A busy start to the new year.




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Again, More Love for Stories for Chip

Love comes again for Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, this time from the good people at Blacknerdproblems.com .

A truly great collection of stories and essays in honour of an SF legend.

I’m truly honoured that my story got a recommendation:

“I recommend “Song for the Asking” by Carmelo Rafala, a story about a man who’s converted to his oppressor’s religion, only to spend his life trying to prove he’s a true believer. There’s the very real sense that, fail or succeed, he’ll never be fully embraced by the faith he tries to embody and serve.”

Now that sets the new year off on a pretty awesome tone.

Read the full review HERE.


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Honorable Mention – Writers of the Future

Although I did not win, I have received an “Honorable Mention” from the Writers of the Future Award (1st quarter, 2011) for my story, “A Woman of Light and Steel”. They tell me my certificate is in the mail.

It would have been great to be a finalist or semi-finalist, but I am happy right now with this “Honorable Mention”. It means a lot to me and I’m proud to have it.

Now I guess I’ll have to do some more writing!

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New Work Available–World SF Site and Scifaikuest

Just a quick note to say that two new pieces of mine are available.

Author and editor Lavie Tidhar has just published my story, A Change of Season on the World SF site. You can read it here.

Additionally, Samsdot‘s poetry magazine have published my haiku in the February 2011 issue of their excellent Scifaikuest magazine. They have two versions of the magazine, one online and the other a print magazine. You can find my poem in the print magazine only (both versions of the magazine differ in content.)

You can order the magazine from their site.

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Another Good Review

Well, 2011 starts off with a good review of The Immersion Book of SF from the good people at the very cool Abyss & Apex Magazine.

That makes four good professional reviews (six reviews in total, if  you feel generous and want to count two good reviews from personal blogs).

Here’s hoping 2011 shapes up to be a mighty fine year.

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Overwhelmed and Overcome

I usually don’t work on more than one story at a time, but this time I’m getting ‘down wit it’. My writer’s group critiqued my submission, and a lot of useful information came out of that meeting. Now I’m trying to get on with the rewrites and tighten up the story. However, I’ve also got another story on the go, also clamouring for my attention. The test will be whether I can get on with two stories at almost the same time.

But wait, there’s more. An e-book publisher I know wants me to write a novel for them. Now, this e-book publisher sells e-books by the truckload, so I am more than happy to get such an offer. Now I really do need to focus, finish these two short stories and write that novel.

Sleep? What’s that?

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