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Starship Sofa and New Work

I love Starship Sofa. A great podcasting group. Now I have the honour of being amongst the luminaries. My story “Song for the Asking”, first published in Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, is now up as a podcast. Sit back and listen.



I have finished a novella and I am submitting it about. I also have a flash piece out there, hoping to find a home.

I am currently working on a short fantasy piece. But it really feels like pulling teeth. Don’t know why. I also have the bones of a new novella, just waiting for flesh.

A busy start to the new year.





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Nova Short Story Competition – Results

A few months ago I entered the Nova Short Story competition, run by the sffsa. Nova is the magazine element of the Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa group. The section of the competition I entered was judged by Arthur C. Clarke winner Lauren Beukes.

Though I did not win a place, I made the final cut and earned a spot on the Highly Recommended list.

Check out the winners and other authors whose work was recommended at the website link above or  click here:  Nova Short Story.

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Immersion Book of SF Review in Interzone

It’s a great feeling to get a good review in Britain’s longest-running and most influential science fiction magazine, Interzone.  In issue 232, Duncan Lunan gives The Immersion Book of SF a thumbs up–and Iam glad.  As editor for the book, it feels great to see my choices for stories supported by such a review.

Get yourself a copy of the magazine, or go to TTA PRESS here and purchase a subscription. If you like Sci-Fi, it’s almost criminal not to own a subscription to Interzone.

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Overwhelmed and Overcome

I usually don’t work on more than one story at a time, but this time I’m getting ‘down wit it’. My writer’s group critiqued my submission, and a lot of useful information came out of that meeting. Now I’m trying to get on with the rewrites and tighten up the story. However, I’ve also got another story on the go, also clamouring for my attention. The test will be whether I can get on with two stories at almost the same time.

But wait, there’s more. An e-book publisher I know wants me to write a novel for them. Now, this e-book publisher sells e-books by the truckload, so I am more than happy to get such an offer. Now I really do need to focus, finish these two short stories and write that novel.

Sleep? What’s that?

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